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Congratulations!!! Rongsheng Southwest Branch is officially established!!!

Oct. 11, 2023


Since the beginning of this year, the company has closely followed the upward trend in the oil and gas equipment market, strengthened internal research and development, expanded external markets, and the production and operation situation continues to improve. From January to September, the company's order volume and shipment volume increased by 12.66% and 40.14% respectively compared to the same period last year. Seizing the opportunity, the company continues to exert efforts in the "manufacturing + service" strategic layout. The Southwest Branch of  Rongsheng, located in Deyang, Sichuan, was officially established in August, aiming to provide high-quality and efficient product support and maintenance in the key layout area of national oil and gas production capacity in the Sichuan-Chongqing region, becoming another strong move to further enhance the company's after-sales service guarantee capability.



Rongsheng Southwest Branch's service scope covers all on-site Rongsheng well control products in use in the Sichuan-Chongqing region oil and gas fields. It can respond quickly to customer needs, providing timely, high-quality, and efficient after-sales service to local customers. The branch has professional wellhead controller processing and maintenance capabilities, with an experienced team of operators that can carry out wellhead controller fault repairs and parts processing. It provides users with timely and efficient "face-to-face, point-to-point" on-site services, guidance, and personnel training, helping users solve various problems related to wellhead controller operation and routine maintenance.


Rongsheng has always adhered to the principle of "providing satisfactory products and services to customers," strengthening resident services in many parts of the country. It has established well control overhaul centers in Southern Xinjiang and Northern Xinjiang respectively, continuously enhancing market service capabilities. At the same time, it has established two international subsidiaries in Houston, USA, and Dubai, serving more than 50 oil-producing countries and regions globally. The company's "manufacturing + service" strategic transformation is “gaining momentum”. According to statistics, as a leading manufacturer of onshore wellhead controllers globally, Rongsheng has cumulatively sold 22,000 sets of BOPs in the global oil and gas exploration and development field, with 17,000 sets currently in use. Providing high-quality products and services, prioritizing customer needs and feedback, closely integrating with on-site applications, and accurately addressing user pain points have always been the company's continuous efforts.



After a period of trial operation, Rongsheng Southwest Branch has fully leveraged the market's cutting-edge resources and technological advantages, expanded the depth and strength of services in the well control equipment market in the Southwest region, significantly shortened the product maintenance cycle, saved users a considerable amount of maintenance costs, and further assisted local oil and gas enterprises in improving quality and efficiency, as well as increasing reserves and production.




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