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Rongsheng Sweeps the Top Spots in the Huabei Oilfield Workers Gas Volleyball Competition!

Nov. 02, 2023

On October 28, 2023, the Huabei oilfield workers gas volleyball competition came to a successful conclusion, with two teams representing Rongsheng achieving outstanding results and securing the first and second places in the competition. This not only reflects the perfect embodiment of Rongsheng employees' hard work but also marks a milestone in the history of sports events organized by the North China Oilfield.


The Huabei oilfield workers gas volleyball competition attracted over 200 employees from 22 representative teams representing 20 secondary units. Volleyball has been a traditional and popular sport among Rongsheng Company's employees, and they have a strong foundation in this sport. In the history of the Huabei oilfield workers gas volleyball competition, Rongsheng had previously won the championship for four consecutive years.


To ensure the continued success in this sport, Rongsheng Company formed two teams with a total of 17 participating players. After the teams were assembled, they quickly gathered and began rigorous and systematic training during their evening hours, while still fulfilling their regular job responsibilities. With the spirit and determination of the factory, they devoted their sweat and effort to intense training.





This spirit of unity and collective effort was evident during the competition. When facing challenging situations or being behind in the score, the team members encouraged each other and adjusted their tactics according to the opponents' performance. They made comebacks, executed spectacular dives and blocks, and demonstrated their skills with powerful spikes and agile drop shots, which captivated the audience.


During the competition, two players suffered injuries, but they overcame adversity and continued to play, completing a successful block and offensive play. They embodied the indomitable spirit of the oilfield employees, where honor, unity, and determination are paramount. In the end, both teams achieved excellent results, with one winning the 2023 Huabei oilfield workers gas volleyball competition championship and the other securing the runner-up position.



Recently, Rongsheng Company has been promoting various cultural and sports activities to enrich the leisure lives of its employees, boost their enthusiasm for work, and promote their physical well-being. In addition to participating in the North China Oilfield's employee cultural and sports activities, Rongsheng Company actively engages in charity activities. They have excelled in the oilfield company's public welfare events, winning championships in activities like shuttlecock kicking, swimming, and achieving second place in the 2023 North China Oilfield gymnastics competition. They have also received recognition as an outstanding organizing unit at the North China Oilfield Cultural and Sports Arts Festival for five consecutive years.


As a member of the oilfield community, Rongsheng Company has exemplified the spirit of self-improvement, innovation, transcendence, and dedication, fostering a healthy, united, and positive atmosphere. Their efforts have contributed to the promotion of overall fitness among all North China Oilfield Company employees.



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