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FT split pump
FT split pump
FT split pump

FT split pump

RS-FT mud pump

FT mud pump can be divided into several modules. The weight of a single module meets transportation requirements. It can be transported by aircraft. FT mud pump meets the drilling needs of the jungle and other places where the traffic is inconvenient.


Technical parameter table

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Available in 800,1300 and 1600 horsepower configurations and the fluid ends are compatible with BOMCO parts, thereby reducing inventory requirements.

Technical description

▶ Gear pair.  Integral herringbone gear transmission, high transmission torque, stable operation.

▶ Frame.  It is welded from steel plates and annealed after welding. Necessary oil pools and passages are provided in the frame. It adopts a split structure due to weight limitations.

▶ Crankshaft.  It adopts alloy steel material. Both ends of the crankshaft are equipped with double row centripetal spherical roller bearings.

▶ Gear shaft.  The shaft is an alloy steel forging with herringbone teeth machined on it. Both ends of the gear shaft can be equipped with a transmission device.

▶ Cross head.  It is integrally cast with ductile iron and has good wear resistance.

Optional configuration

▶ Hydraulic cylinder. The material is alloy steel forgings, with I-type and L-type structures. The I-type hydraulic end has a compact structure and the L-type is easy to maintain.

▶ Lubrication system   Using a combination of forced lubrication and splash lubrication, an external motor can be used to drive the oil pump according to user requirements.

▶ Spray system   The centrifugal pump provides coolant to the cylinder liner. The main pump drive shaft is equipped with a pulley drive, or it can be driven by an electric motor alone.

▶ Cantilever suspension system   Installed on the rack for use when removing and replacing hydraulic end components such as cylinder liners. Reduce the labor intensity of drilling workers.

▶ Safety valve   There are two options, shear pin safety valve and spring return safety valve.

If you have further requirements, please contact the RS engineer.





Input power

597 kW (800 HP)

970 kW (1300 HP)

1193 kW (1600 HP)

Rated stroke

150 SPM

120 SPM

120 SPM

Stroke Length

228.6mm (9")

304.8mm (12")

304.8mm (12")

Gear ratio




Max pressure

5000 psi

5000 psi

7500 psi


API -6#/7#

API -7#

API -7#

Hydraulic form




Max liner dia

170 mm (6 3/4")

180 mm (7")

190 mm (7 1/4")

Max volume

38.9 L/s

46.5 L/s

51.85 L/s

Suction nozzle

254 mm (10")

304.8mm (12")

304.8 mm (12")

Discharge nozzle

5 1/8"-5000 psi

5 1/8"-5000 psi

5 1/8"-10000 psi

Single Module Weight

≤2.5t (5511 lb)

≤3.4t (7496 lb)

≤4t (8818.5 lb)

Host weight

14000 kg (30865 lb)

27867 kg (61436 lb)

26190 kg (57739 lb)

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