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RCD Control System
RCD Control System
RCD Control System

RCD Control System






gate valve


Technical parameter table

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The RCD control System provides lubrication, cooling, and auxiliary functions such as open/close the hydraulic clamp and hydraulic gate valve. It is an indispensable device to support the operation of the RCD.

The electric oil pump pressurizes the hydraulic oil and stores it in the accumulator, which serves as the hydraulic source for the system. The system is equipped with 3-way regulating valve. Valve 1 reduces system pressure to 1500psi, used to open/close the hydraulic gate valve. Valve 2 reduces system pressure to 1500-3000psi, used to open/close the hydraulic clamp. The output pressure of valve 3 is adjustable from 0 to 3000psi, used to lubricate the dynamic seals and bearings of the RCD. The flow of lubricating oil is controlled by precision throttle valve.

The water pump delivers cooling water to the rotary assembly to cool the RCD. After the cooling water absorbs the heat generated by the RCD, it goes back to the cooler through the return pipe and back to the water tank for further circulation. According to the working environment temperature, the cooler can be divided into two forms: air cooling and compressor refrigeration. The air-cooled type can be used in the temperate environment, while the compressor refrigeration is used in the tropical environment.

Type illustration of RCD control system

RCD Control System


A: The lubrication and cooling of type A control system are separated. The lubricating medium is oil and the cooling medium is water. The cooling system adopts air cooling mode.

B: The lubrication and cooling of type B control system lubrication and cooling are integrated, all adopt oil medium. The cooling system adopts refrigeration compressor mode.

If the customer’s RCD is not an HBRS product, detailed control requirements should be provided when ordering the RCD control system.

RCD Control System

Specifications of main models



Control distance

100 feet or customization

environment temperature


Control pressure

hydraulic clamp 0~3600psi/ lubrication 3000psi/cooling 18.2psi

hydraulic oil

46# hydraulic oil is used at room temperature, and -22℉ hydraulic oil is used in cold areas

Electric pump

Power supply 380V/50Hz output pressure 4500psi flow rate not less than 0.8gpm

Water pump

Power supply 220V/50Hz head 100 feet flow 4.4gpm


Length x width x height:7.5feet×6feet×6.5feet

Clamp hose

1/4”×100feet×1 pair

Lubrication hose

1/4”×100feet×1 pair,flow rate 6~20ml/Min

Gate valve hose

1/4”×100feet×3 pairs,flow rate 6~20ml/Min

Cooling water hose

3/8”×100feet×1 pair


30W Explosion-proof ceiling LED lamp×2

service life

≥8 years (Life of wearing parts≥1 year)

Metal pipe materials


executive standard


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