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BOP Control System

HRSB BOP Control System

The BOP control system is an important piece of equipment for controlling the bop and hydraulic gate valve. It is an indispensable device in drilling and well workover treatment.

The BOP Control System provides customers with a highly reliable well control interface, including a unique slim-line panel design developed using the latest cutting-edge technology for operation in hazardous areas.

BOP control systems, or blowout preventer control systems, are an important part of oil and gas drilling operations. Its main function is to prevent the uncontrolled release of oil or gas from the well during drilling. The blowout preventer itself is a large valve located at the wellhead, and a control system manages the operation of the valve.

Rongsheng BOP Control System

Remote Control Panel

The remote control panel is equipped with two sets of independent pump groups. Electric pumps, pneumatic pumps, or manual pumps with different flow rates can be provided. Rongsheng can offer the accumulator with China Standard, ASME, or CE mark. FKQ and FKDQ series can be provided with pneumatic-manual or pneumatic motor-driven pressure regulating valves, and FKD series can be provided with electric-manual pressure regulating valves to provide stable and reliable operating pressure for the bop. In the FKD series, the 4-way, 3-position valves are driven by the electromagnet, which adapts to lower ambient temperature and has a faster operation response.

Alarm Device

The alarm device can be equipped according to the customer's request. It monitors the accumulator pressure, air supply pressure, and liquid level in the hydraulic oil reservoir. When the above parameters exceed the alarm limits, the audible and visual signals will appear immediately.

Auxiliary Driller's Panel

The auxiliary Driller's panel can be equipped according to the customer's request, which can monitor the remote control panel. FKD and FKDQ series can provide with wireless control panel, which can be used to remotely operate the BOP in a safe area in case of emergency, further improving the reliability of drilling construction. The system can be equipped with an insulated building, air conditioner, electric heaters, tank heater, electric heating device for air hose bundles, heating devices for BOP, etc, to adapt to low temperatures and other special fieldwork environments.

HBRS is well control equipment manufacturing center of CNPC. We have the production capacity of FKQ, FKDQ, FKD, and other series of bop control systems. 

HBRS has obtained the National Industrial Production License, API 16D, API and ISO9001 quality management system certification, and other qualifications. HBRS is the supplier of China National Petroleum Corporation, Sinopec, and CNOOC.

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BOP Overview

blowout preventer (BOP) is a large specialized valve used to seal, control, and monitor oil and gas wells. The blowout preventer control system (BOP) was developed to cope with the extremely unstable pressure and uncontrolled flow (formation shock) emanating from the well reservoir during drilling. A kick can lead to a potentially catastrophic event called a blowout. In addition to controlling downhole (which occurs in the borehole) pressure and oil and gas flow, blowout preventer control systems (BOP) are designed to prevent tubing (such as drill pipe and well casing), tools, and drilling fluid from being blown away when a blowout threatens, out of a wellbore (also known as a borehole, a hole leading to a reservoir). Blowout Preventer Control Systems (BOPs) are critical to the safety of the crew, the rig (system of equipment used to drill the wellbore), and the environment, as well as the monitoring and maintenance of good integrity; therefore, BOPs are designed to become a fail-safe device. (Blowout Preventer Control System BOP, Oil and Gas Industry.

The term BOP (an acronym rather than a colloquial acronym, pronounced BOP rather than "bop") is used in oilfield vernacular to refer to blowout preventers. The abbreviation "BOP" usually begins with the type (e.g., Ram BOP) and refers to a single BOP unit. A blowout preventer control system (BOP) may also be referred to simply as a type (e.g., Ram).

Two types of BOPs are the most common: the ram type and the annular type. Both types are frequently used in blowout preventer control systems (BOPs), usually with at least one annular BOP stacked on top of multiple ram BOPs.

Annular Blowout Preventer

The annular blowout preventer is named for its sealing element - a rubber core ring. Also known as universal BOP, multi-effect BOP, or spherical BOP. According to the shape of the rubber core, it can be divided into conical annular BOP, spherical annular BOP, cylindrical annular BOP;

Rongsheng Annular BOP

►Annular BOP function

1) When there is a pipe string in the well, a rubber core can be used to close the annular space formed by the pipe string and the wellhead;

2) When the well is empty, the wellhead can be fully sealed;

3) In the process of drilling and milling, casing grinding, well logging, and salvage of well-falling objects, if overflow or blowout occurs, it can seal the space formed by kelly, cables, wire ropes, tools for handling accidents, and the wellhead ;

4) With the cooperation of pressure-reducing and regulating valves or small accumulators, it is possible to forcibly lift and lower 18 butt-welded pipe joints without fine buttons;

5) In case of severe overflow or blowout, it is used to cooperate with the ram blowout preventer and choke manifold to realize a soft shut-in.

Ram Blowout Preventer

The ram blowout preventer uses hydraulic pressure to push the well sealing components—two rams with rubber cores—from the left and right sides to the center of the wellbore to close the wellhead.

According to the number of rams, it can be divided into single ram BOPdouble ram BOP, triple ram BOP;

According to the function of the ram, it can be divided into full-sealed ram BOP, semi-sealed ram BOP, shear ram BOP, variable diameter ram BOP;

The locking method can be divided into manual locking ram BOP, hydraulic locking ram BOP;

According to the side door switch mode, it can be divided into rotary side door ram BOP, linear motion side door ram BOP;

Rongsheng RAM BOP

► Ram blowout preventer function

1) When there is a drilling tool in the well, the annular space at the wellhead can be closed with a semi-sealed ram corresponding to the size of the drilling tool;

2) When there is no drilling tool in the well, the fully-sealed ram can fully seal the wellhead;

3) When the drilling tool in the well needs to be cut off, and the wellhead is fully sealed, the shear ram can be used to cut the drilling tool in the well and fully seal the wellhead;

4) The ram of some ram blowout preventers is allowed to bear the load and can be used to hang drilling tools;

5) There are side holes on the shell of the ram blowout preventer, which can be used to throttle and relieve pressure;

6) The ram blowout preventer can be used for long-term well closure;

BOP Installation Guide:

1. Selection: Choose the appropriate blowout preventer according to design specifications.

2. Inspection: Ensure all parts are complete and in good condition.

3. Preparation: Clean and inspect steel ring grooves, apply lubricant, and insert steel rings.

4. Lifting: Securely fix hoisting ropes, lift BOP with traction ropes.

5. Bolt Installation: Clean and lubricate flange screw holes, insert bolts, and tighten nuts.

6. Positioning: Lower BOP onto four-way flange, ensuring alignment and removing hoisting ropes.

7. Alignment Check: Verify steel ring placement and screw hole alignment visually or by rotation.

8. Tightening: Fully connect and evenly tighten bolts diagonally.

9. Pressure Testing: Conduct pressure test per design requirements to validate BOP integrity.


HBRS BOP Control System Feature

FKQ Series BOP Control System: Pneumatic Controlled

FKDQ Series BOP Control System: Electric-Pneumatic Controlled, PLC based control, Driller's Panel (touch screen or electric button), Wireless remote control function can be selected or electric button), The wireless remote control function can be selected

FKD Series BOP Control System: Electric Controlled, Rongsheng patent products, Electromagnet driven, PLC based control, Driller's Panel (touch screen or electric button), The wireless remote control function can be selected

As you may know, well-blowouts can be catastrophic and cause significant damage to the environment and human life. That's why it's essential to have reliable and high-quality blowout control system equipment in place. We are here to provide you with the best blowout solutions to ensure the safety of your operations. Let us know how we can assist you in finding the perfect blowout equipment for your needs. 

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