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HRSB (RONGSHENG) is a top manufacturer and supplier of blowout preventer products and the world's leading manufacturer of land BOP equipment in production and sales, and class A supplier of CNPC drilling and workover BOPs. 

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With 46 years of experience serving oil and gas companies worldwide, you can trust us with your pressure control bop equipment needs.

A blowout preventer equipment (also known as a BOP) is a device used in the drilling industry to seal and control oil and gas wells. Blowout preventers are designed to prevent "blowouts," i.e., the unrestricted release of oil or gas from a drilled well. These preventers are large valves capable of withstanding high pressures in order to safely and often remotely contain the uncontrolled release of fluids from a well during operation. In addition, they are often installed in stacks and are the second line of defense to protect the well and its employees.


Anyone who wants to become proficient in oil drilling must understand the critical role of blowout preventers (BOPs).

The essential role: A blowout preventer (BOP) shuts off the valve below the machine to stop any fluids from surfacing in the event of a dangerous explosion or impact.


Ram Blowout Preventer

The Ram BOP prevents any unwanted material from exploding in the system, but several are required in the BOP stack to ensure optimum safety.

Annular Blowout Preventer

Annular BOP is reliable at high pressures, the spherical design allows for proper open hole sealing. The annular blowout preventer is designed to close the space around the diameter of the drill pipe, but as the actual system cannot be closed at a certain value due to the drill column, it controls the flow of mud without cutting off any other system elements. The annular blowout preventer is located at the top of the blowout preventer set to provide the most effective sealing option.


BOP Control System Components such as electrical and hydraulic lines, control pods, hydraulic accumulators, test valves, pressure well, throttle lines, valves, riser fittings, hydraulic connectors, and support frames. Let's take a look at some of them.

The BOP and associated equipment consist of:

BOP Stack; Annular BOP; Ram-Type BOP; Choke Manifold; Accumulator

BOP Stack

A BOP installation could consist of both annular and ram-type BOPs assembled into a stack. Also, there can be a kill line valve and a choke line valve. The choke line valve is used to redirect the mud from the well bore to the choke manifold during a kick. The kill line valve is used to direct drilling fluid to the BOP during a kick.

Annular BOP

Annular BOPs are designed to form a seal in the annular space between the drill pipe and the wellbore and are usually mounted at the top of the BOP stack.

Ram-Type BOP

Ram-type BOPs have rubber-faced steel rams that come together with great force to seal the wellbore. Usually, two or more ram-type BOP's are mounted in the BOP stack.

Choke Manifold

A choke manifold is a system of valves used to circulate out a kick and to circulate mud in of the proper weight. This device responds automatically to a kick and can prevent a blowout if properly installed and maintained.


The BOP control system, called an accumulator, provides the energy to operate the blowout preventers.

This system consists of the following:

Compressed gas bottles, Regulator valves, Pumps, Hydraulic reservoir, Control manifold, and Control valves.

Through superior service, customized solutions, and timely results, we provide your company with the innovative solutions and BOP products it needs to succeed.

Add value and efficiency to your drilling program blowout preventers from BOP Products.

HRSB-BOP Manufacturer

As a bop manufacturer, HRSB maintains a large inventory on hand, allowing for a quick ordering and delivery process to get your business up and running quickly.

Our company has been in the oil and gas drilling equipment industry for more than 38 years as an excellent bop manufacturer providing new and used blowout preventers and pressure control equipment to customers in almost every production area in the world. We are here for all your drilling equipment needs - if you don't see it on this site, give us a call or send us an email. We can get it if you need it!

HRSB offers potential buyers a wide selection of quality new and used oil and gas drilling equipment, including blowout preventers, at competitive prices. Browse our inventory of blowout preventers and blowout preventer parts for sale at competitive prices.

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